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MLM Tips: Dealing with Toxic People


Some of the best MLM tips you can get is how to deal with people. This one is how to deal with negative, toxic people, master this and create success!

Toxic People Are Everywhere!

It does not matter where you are in the socio-economic chain, there are toxic people everywhere. Fortunately, I believe there are more good people than bad but sometimes we let the negative people drown out ALL the good around us and affect us in a negative way.

Dealing with Toxic People (when you can’t avoid them)

In the below video I share three examples from just the last couple weeks of toxic people commenting on my stuff on social media. Two come from yesterday from Facebook and the other is from youtube. When it comes to dealing with Toxic people, the biggest suggestion I can offer is DO NOT LET SOMEONE YOU DON’T ADMIRE ANYWAY AFFECT YOU NEGATIVELY!

As you work to create success in any endeavor, weight loss, MLM, business, even relationships, the toxic people will come out of the woodwork and, like in medieval times, throw today’s version of tomatoes at you, you can’t get rid of that but you CAN dictate how you react to the toxic people around you.

Video: How to Deal with Toxic People (with fun examples!)


So, don’t worry. You WILL run into toxic people but you get to CHOOSE how you react. Share this message around (and hope the toxic people in your life see it, hehe). If you get better at dealing with toxic people, you have a much better shot at creating success my friend.

To Your Abundance!

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