Today you will learn my best MLM tips around handling and dealing with criticism.

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MLM Tips and the Critics

As trainers we all are constantly wanting to improve the rate of which we impact our students to create success. In spending time with a close friend and fellow trainer this week we both agreed that the ability to get over being criticized is perhaps the first major skill every entrepreneur needs to learn.

You see, it’s the fear of looking stupid and the fear of standing out and being different that keeps a lot of would-be successful entrepreneurs from their goals. Most people are constantly wanting to fit in and do things that will avoid all criticism when they should realize that MOST people don’t have a dream life and if you want any other result than that you had BETTER stand out and move away from the crowd. But when you do that, you DO run the risk and quite frankly the likelihood that you WILL be made fun of or criticized.

I think most people that have yet to create success believe that successful people had more support than they have and have less cynics/skeptics or critics, the truth is, it is NOT the abundance of support or the lack of critics that has someone create success, it is the sheer willpower of the person that is going to create success despite having any support or having a plethora of critics.

Care more about creating your dream life and impacting others than  you care what your neighbors, family or facebook friends think or say about you.

Care more about playing the biggest role you can while on this earth than what Johnny or Susie say behind your back about your wild outlandish dreams or goals.

Care more about changing the destiny of your family name than you care about if everyone accepts and approves of your actions.

Every single entrepreneur I know faced deep criticism, was told they would never succeed and HAD to face a lot of challenges along their way to success. Embrace this fact that there WILL be critics and that is OK and you have a fighting chance.

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