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MLM Tips: Create Your Vision for the Future

vision for the future mlm tips

What MOST people look for in MLM tips are strategies. What MOST people need is to work on their vision for the future. Inside this video I share insight as to how to create it.

Watch this short video to learn how to craft your vision for the future and WHY that is so important to reach your life goals.

What Are Your Life Goals?

Listen, it is totally cool to have material goals but let’s not stop there. Sure, getting that new car or house is rocking and you SHOULD go get them but what is bigger than that? What is your vision for the future and what kind of impact do you want to make on this planet?

The cool thing about having goals in life and the right vision is it will certainly PULL you to take the actions needed to fulfill them but it will also PREVENT you from taking actions that are NOT congruent with your life goals.

Some people ask me why I don’t promote more things, THAT is the reason. When I first got started in this profession my goal was to gain as much exposure as possible, to bring value to as many people, as quickly as possible and in a span of only a couple years was able to get a LOT of exposure and provide a LOT of value to people all over the world and now, continuing to expand and grow into my vision for the future certainly pulls me to continue working but it also prevents me from marketing things that would most certainly make me money but just aren’t congruent with my life goals.

I’ll ask again, what are your life goals?

Video: The Importance of Having your Vision for the Future

In your efforts to learn as many MLM tips as possible such as scripts, lead generation, prospecting and recruiting, remember to have life goals and be serious enough about them that they PULL you to action. You may enjoy one of my favorite videos that I have ever made here on How to Think Big.

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