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A question we get often is “Do you really have to blog?”. The truth may surprise you (coming from me) but may really help you out.

Building our Business

From 2009 to 2012 I was very focused on building my network marketing business. We did about every type of online and offline method to get in front of people and recruited people from all over.

We didn’t just blog to success but blogging most certainly helped us to attract quality people that were interested in working closer with us and joining our team.

Our focus shifted in 2013 when we decided to start working closer with the network marketing profession as a whole vs just build our own downline and started helping people build their teams and checks inside whatever network marketing company they were apart of.

Somewhere around 2011 we also started offering products and really dialing in all the ways we could help people build their business.

Just because blogging has been our number one form of marketing does not mean it is for everyone but in the below video I share my thoughts on who may consider blogging and should make the effort to learn it and start blogging and who shouldn’t. IF you want to learn more about blogging feel free to check out my training on blogging and branding.

Video: MLM Tips and Thoughts on Blogging

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