mlm tipsThese may be the most important MLM tips and concepts you will hear IF you strive happiness.

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What do I mean by Assumptions and Stories?

Let me give you a few scenarios…

My Mom and I used to frequent this particular church which was pretty far away from both of us but we liked it. I started getting more and more speaking engagements and hadn’t been going when I got a voicemail from her that said “I don’t know what they did to you at the church but it isn’t cool”. When I called her to hear what the heck she meant, she assumed something had been done to me when there was nothing of the sort. My Mom had crafted this entire story out of one fact (that I wasn’t going) but all the rest was completely made up but she fully believed it.

Here’s another, smaller one

I had a Top Earner Club member (our Mastermind program) email me saying that she “Assumed I was too busy to respond” as she had sent me an email with a question. The truth was I just didn’t see it. Now, this is a MUCH smaller story than the first I shared about my Mom but how often do we assume the negative? How often do we “figure out” the intentions of others without actually giving them the benefit of the doubt or at least ASKING before we assume?

How about this one

My wife and I were at an event and had to leave early during the party as Sabrina was freaking out. The next morning I saw the person that put it on and he was very short with me, rushed the conversation and left me to feel that he was disappointed that we had to leave. I was a little pissed at first and I didn’t want to hold onto that feeling so I emailed him and said “Sorry you were disappointed in us leaving early, it isn’t always easy with a little one” to which he replied Noooo, dude, I had to run to a meeting, I didn’t mean to rush you, totally not the way I feel!

See, I assumed, but at least I communicated to find out that I was just making up a dumb story. What would have been better is if I ASKED versus assume.

MLM Tips and YOUR Mindset

IF you want to be happy, you must manage your assumptions and the stories you create in your mind that have no basis in reality. I first learned of this years ago from a trainer named Marcia Martin and it was later confirmed when I attended the Landmark forum. Humans are meaning making machines so just be careful of what you are making your world mean to you.

This happens in all areas of life. We see it often in the coaching world where people have stress over investing in themselves and they carry that stress in the assumptions and stories that they create but rest assured that it happens everywhere. The next time you feel slighted, put down, someone did you wrong, ASK them vs. accuse. Ask for clarification vs. assume the worst. Right now there is a good chance you are holding onto a grudge against someone that has NO idea you have some baloney story you made up about them that isn’t even true.

ASK. If you feel someone is all of a sudden weird to you, ask them what is going on and communicate with them clearly. The stories we create in our minds on why people do what they do is rarely accurate and can cause disharmony in areas of our life for absolutely no reason.

Hope this helps, to your happiness!

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