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Simple Ways to Get MLM Team Performance

MLM Team Performance

Wanna get more performance from your MLM team? Follow these simple tips in this blog and watch duds become studs and whiners become winners!

Identify How You See Your MLM Team

When someone asks you, “How is your team doing?” What do you initially think? Some leaders are in a constant state of wishing their team was doing better or duplicating more but their initial reaction is that their team is lazy or simply not doing enough. I am reading a great book called The 360 Degree Leader by John Maxwell and it gave me the idea for this blog.

Did you have a favorite teacher in school or a favorite boss? Think back, most people do. My favorite boss ever was a lady named Maggie Bowles in Naples, Florida. Why did I like her so much out of all the teachers and bosses I ever had? She believed in me. She believed in me when I didn’t know I should. She was tough as nails on me and definitely verbally smacked me around when I needed it, but, all in all, I would not be where I am without her guidance and belief in me.

Would your downline say the same thing about you? Would they say that you give them the impression they can do everything? They they are bulletproof and un-messable? Or, would they describe you as someone that was disappointed in their efforts?

Change your view, change your teams performance

My MLM Team MatesHere are 6 tips from Maxwell’s book that translates perfectly in the network marketing industry.

1. See them as who they can become. Too often we can get in the trap of associating our “story” about someone versus who they really are and the fact that they can have a breakthrough. Know that any person can become a leader and believe that.

2. Let them borrow your belief in them. There are times in the career of every network marketer where you can lose faith, get frustrated, or wonder why the hell you are doing this business. When that happens to your upline or downline, let them borrow yours. When someone is down it is NOT the time to agree with them, it is the time to let them know you believe in them.

3. Catch them doing something right. I remember in high school football I played a few games as an offensive and defensive tackle. When on the offense side of things the main thing to hope for is that you never heard your name as that would mean you were getting a penalty. When you believe in someone, point out the thing or things they do right as often as possible, it will give them that little kick to do more good things vs just tell them when they are doing something wrong.

4. Believe the best – Give others the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes we are quick to believe someone has done something wrong or underhanded. Do the exact opposite. Make it to where the evidence has to be overwhelming before you believe something negative about an MLM teammate.

5. Realize that no one is perfect but your teammates are. Do not look for perfection in yourself and in your teammates but rather understand that you are working with someone at the perfect time in both of your lives and it all works out perfectly. Enjoy the ride.

6. Treat them like a VIP. This reminds me of this quote:
“Everyone has an invisible sign hanging from their neck saying, ‘Make me feel important.’ Never forget this message when working with people. “

– Mary Kay Ash
Treat that brand new person or even the person that has been in 2 years and never done anything but still shows up to meetings like they are important. They just might grow into that leader you know they could be.

I have to admit

There have definitely been times, ever recently, where I did NOT follow these 6 rules. I sometimes have found myself getting frustrated with the performance of my MLM team-mates that are not living up to their potential or teammates that I feel use entitlement too often. Sometimes it is good to write these types of blogs..even for the author. =)

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