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Your MLM Success Begins with YOU!

Success in MLM with Ray HigdonIf you have a few key mindset traits, you will have success in MLM, unfortunately, most do not get taught these key mindset traits to prevent them from getting frustrated. In this blog and video you will learn the very simple key points to remember that can help you stay focused to create MLM success.

4 Major Factors That Prevent Success in MLM

1. Seeking approval – in a blog post a few days ago I talked about the difference between MLM champs and Chumps and in that post I really focused on how important it is to make a decision to build a business versus seek the approval of friends and family. This one will really get ya as anytime you ask someone who lacks the lifestyle you want on their opinion about an alternative, non-mainstream way of making money, you will get a mainstream answer.

2. Getting frustrated over trying to close everyone – If you want to have success in MLM, you have to give up your addiction to an outcome. No matter how good you are, you will never bat 1,000%. Understand that in baseball if you miss 7 out of 10 pitches you could end up in the hall of fame, same thing with MLM success. Instead of trying to close everyone or having a perfect pitch for every type of person just look for who is open.

3. Ignoring protocol with your warm market – We like to think that our friend will join us in whatever just because they are our friends or because we helped them move ten years ago and they owe us. They say casualness causes casualty. You STILL have to use proper technique and follow the proper prospecting system with your warm market. Seeing if they are open, getting their eyeballs on a presentation and then following up is THE way you need to treat your warm market just as you would a stranger.

4. Seeking perfection – This comes in two forms. Seeking perfection in yourself and also seeking perfect, or, more appropriately, something different from your company. Do not wait to present until you think you are perfect because you will NEVER think you are perfect. You do NOT need to have all the answers or be a professional speaker to do this business so stop holding yourself back if you have been. Also, IF there are people making money and having MLM success with your company, don’t hope for something to be different even if you think you are smarter than the company. Build your business just the way they have things setup and then once you have reached a high level of success, make some of your suggestions to the company. Too many times I have seen brand new reps come onboard desiring to have success in their MLM but prevent themselves by spending all day long telling their upline or the company all the things that need to be changed. Don’t do that!

Video: How to Have Massive MLM Success

This is a video I did at 6am Sunday for my Australian team. There are some company specific things in there but 90% of the information will work for any network marketing company.

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