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The Difference Between Success in MLM and Failure


We all want everyone to have success in Network Marketing but the reality is a lot don’t. I always take note of the traits of MLM champions versus their counterparts and this blog will share what I see as the number one difference between the two. Success is just having (and keeping) more of the traits of the successful for an extended period of time, this blog will help with that.

Wanna be an MLM Champion?

I don’t think too many people join a network marketing company with the desire of failing or getting frustrated. Everyone wants to have a successful business but only a small percentage seem to accomplish this, why?

Here is what I notice about those who grow into MLM champions; they are on a mission. They have a definiteness of purpose and have a strong desire to have success. They accept the fact that not every person will agree with them or join them but they are going to  build their business anyway. It is very similar to the small business owner that despite everything throw against them decides to have success anyway. The key ingredient to have success in MLM is to have the attitude that you are going to success no matter what.

“I will persist until I succeed” – Og Mandino

 The Most Defining Trait of those Who Fail at MLM


This is something I have been able to tell early on with network marketers but never actually identified and verbalized until recently as I didn’t really know how to categorize it. The single biggest identifier of someone who is almost assuredly going to fail at network marketing is…they are approval seekers.

Approval seeking network marketers almost always fail. However, this is not much different with anything non-mainstream. When I was leaving my high paying corporate job to start my real estate investment company, everyone told me I was crazy. Had I looked for approval I would not have found any, and, would have stayed in a job I hated and probably never believed in myself enough to get into Network Marketing.

If you are hinging your success on whether your friends, family members, or even strangers approve of it, I can save you some time and inform you that, they won’t. It doesn’t totally rest on the fact that we usually ask people that don’t have the lifestyle we desire it also has to do with something very, very important with entrepreneurs..and that is ENERGY.

How to Instantly Become More Powerful

Wanna know how to become more powerful? Just make the decision that you are going to accomplish something no matter who “allows” you or “approves” or your actions. Decide. Decide that you are going to build your business with or without the approval of someone else. Understand that this has been the mantra of every successful entrepreneur in history. No one approved or “gave permission” to Henry Ford, Thomas Edison or Steve Jobs, they DECIDED. Once you decide you are going to have success regardless of approval, you are more than halfway there and then you couple that with a daily routine focused around profit producing activities and you are ON YOUR WAY!

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