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Struggling with staying consistent?

Here’s exactly how I show up every single day without fail.

MLM Success: The Key To Never Struggle With Consistency Issues Again

What do you do if you struggle with consistency? Here’s the deal. I don’t struggle with consistency.

Since July 15, 2009, I have never struggled with consistency.

I have done one to two videos every day for the last nine years. I just don’t struggle with consistency.

I’ll tell you how I used to train on this.

Back in 2010, I thought, people just don’t know. They just don’t know what kind of schedule to have. They just don’t understand, they don’t know the Daily Method of Operation, so we’ve got to teach them the DMO, baby.

Why DMOs Aren’t The Answer

And so, I used to blog about:

  • My daily activities
  • What I do each and every day.
  • When I was building a network marketing organization, here’s the things that I did.
  • When I started coaching and training, here’s the things that I do.

There are certain things that I do each and every day, right?

And so, I thought it’s just a knowledge problem.

People just need to know. They don’t know the DMO, so I’ve got to teach them.

And so, I would just say, here’s how you do, and here’s the daily action step, here’s the hustler routine, here’s what you do each and every day.

I was like, yeah, man. These guys are going to kill it.

But none of them changed. Not one person.

“Hey man, did you like that daily routine I taught last month?”

“Oh, dude. I was next level, bro. That took me up to here, baby.”

I’m like, “That’s awesome. How many days have you been doing it?”

“Ah, you know man, I had some things come up, man. My fish died. My buddy came over, dripped oil on the driveway. And, my boss had me come in early one day. Oh and my favorite shorts ripped. Yeah man. But, dude, I’m going to, man. I’m totally going to. January 1, bro. January 1st, that’s when I’m taking it to the town. I’m going to go to the top, the tippy-top.”

I’m like, “Hm…okay. Got it, okay.”

And I can go on. I can give you 59 different version of this. But, literally, every person I have trained on daily routine, they weren’t doing it. Nothing had changed.

So wait a minute. So maybe it’s not a knowledge issue. And so, I went back. I went inside.

And I said, well, why am I so consistent? Why do I show up every day?

Why I Show Up Everyday

There was a whole year where I was in major physical pain. I had pain in my elbows. I hurt my knee. I had a back issue. I had a lot of crap going. I was falling to pieces, man.

My beautiful wife, she’s like, “Am I married to an 80 year old?” She’s about to wheel me into the nursing home.

I was in physical pain. There were days where I was popping a pain pill before I did my video, but I did that damn video.

There were days when I would hit the button on the video and I would just collapse on the chair, and I’m just like, “Oh man, this sucks.”

But I did the fricking video.

Why did I do the video? Why did I show up every day? Why have I done a video, one to two videos a day for nine years without missing a day, ever?

Why? Was it my awareness of a daily routine?

It was my vision.


Who do you want to become?

My vision is a ruthless dictator.

  • It doesn’t give a crap if I feel bad.
  • It doesn’t give a crap if I had a bad day.
  • If doesn’t give a crap if I had somebody push me over on the playground.
  • It doesn’t give a crap if someone kicks sand in my face.
  • It doesn’t give a crap if someone stole from me.
  • It doesn’t give a crap if someone insulted me.
  • It doesn’t give a crap if I got skipped over for something.
  • It doesn’t give a crap if my laptop breaks.

You know how many days I didn’t feel like it? Who cares?

What is not feeling like have anything to do with showing up?

The vision of who I want to become and I’m continuing to become, because I ain’t there yet, we ain’t at the top.

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Keep Learning

And guess what? Here’s a little secret…

I ain’t never going to be there. I’m never going to be there.

You’re going to be tuning into, I mean, I probably won’t be Facebook Live, it will be a hologram or something. I’ll materialize in your living room. “Hello, welcome to…”

Right? And so, you’re going to be watching me, 80 years old.

I’m going to keep learning. I’m going to be saying, “Hey, I just invested into another coach.” And so, I’ll be hiring coaches at 85 years old. I’ll be doing Kundalini yoga. I’ll be doing Kung Fu moves.

And so, who do you want to become?

Show Up

Stop piddling around and saying, I want this, but you’re work ethic is this.

Stop piddling around with I want to do this, and impact this, and inspire this, but you never show up.

Show up when you don’t feel like it. Show up when your laptop breaks. Show up when your phone has a crack in it. Show up when you’ve got a bad hair day, right? Show up when a nail breaks. Show up when stuff is not going your way.

That’s the key, is showing up no matter what.

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Despite & Until

There are two words that you should embrace, despite and until.

I’m going to succeed despite my obstacles, despite the things that go on, despite that punch me in the face, kick me in shins, and I’m going to keep going until it happens.

And I was teaching the word until for years, and someone said, “You know, you stole that from Jim Rohn.” I’m like, did I? And they sent me this video, I’m like, damn, that’s good.

That’s like how I think. And so, despite and until.

Stop trying to learn a new daily routine, all right?

How many you got now? How many of them do you do?

You don’t need another book on routine.

You’ve got to have a vision.

A vision without any awareness of a routine, you will got fricking kill it. You will knock down brick buildings. You will tear down walls. You’ll swim through the mud. You’ll military crawl underneath the barbed wire. You’ll run through the firing line.

Have an awareness of who you want to become, and you will fricking crush it.

You will be a juggernaut. People will write books about you, not you studying the daily routine books.

You don’t need an 11th daily routine book, you need vision of who do you want to be.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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