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MLM Success Question: Are you Truly Hungry?


There are a LOT of people out there wanting to create MLM success, to do so, I think you have to be hungry, the question is, are you?

Watch this short video with two quick exercises to see if you truly want to create MLM success.

But Ray, I am right where you were…

Every week a lot of people come to me and tell me they are right where I was, broke, in foreclosure, not making any money, etc and MOST of the times they are actually WRONG.

I am not saying they aren’t as bad off as I was, I have met LOTS and LOTS of people that are worse off than I was before I created MLM success, the difference is the level of hungry I was vs most people.

If You Want to Create MLM Success, From a Bad Place…

You have to be willing to do this one thing…Not Care About Your Self Image. You WILL get ridicule from certain friends and family and the reality is SO WHAT. If you want to craft a life you currently don’t have you have to be willing to take actions you have NOT been taking. You may have heard my story of how I was in foreclosure and went for 20 no’s a day to create success and in the below video I share a little about that.

Video: Two Exercises to Determine How Hungry You Are

Did those exercises smack you with some reality? The point of the exercises is to show you that when you are truly hungry, you FORCE yourself to be uncomfortable, the unfortunate part is MOST of society is comfortable…in their own misery. They don’t like their life but at least they know what to expect. There is NOT such thing as MLM failures, there are only those that create MLM success and those that quit. If you ramp up the TRUE level of hunger you have for success and a life change, YOU can start to create small shifts in your life that lead to the big shifts. There are probably over 2,000 people in the last 12 months that you interacted with but did not prospect. What if…what if you truly started going after your business with a fervent hunger?

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To Your Abundance!

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