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MLM Success is Mainly About Overcoming Fear

mlm success overcoming fear If you have yet to achieve MLM success and you have been in for a while, it is most likely due to not overcoming fear. This short video will give you three suggestions for overcoming fear and stepping into your greatness!

Why Create MLM Success?

First, let’s address the silly notion that MLM success means something selfish or greedy. Did you know that you simply CANNOT create MLM success without helping a LOT of people? If you can just grasp that…grasp that it isn’t about “making a sale” or “convincing your friend” or anything like that, it’s about locating open minded people that are sick and tired of their rat race of mediocre lives and showing them a way to live a different life. If you think that creating MLM success is selfish, you WILL continue to sabotage yourself so this is critical before we step into overcoming fear.

How to Overcome Fear

Inside the below, short video I share three steps to overcoming fear. Be sure to watch the video and you may even have an interest (if you have some really tough fears) in picking up my straight talk about overcoming fear product. I believe that if you follow the advice in the video below you may not need it but up to you of course. The three fears I dealt with the last ten years was: 1. The fear of public speaking (I share more about this in the video) 2. The fear of investing money. I lost it all in real estate so before this year actually I was so scared to lose any money, I wasn’t investing at all and that is just not smart. 3. The fear of stepping up and playing BIG. This year my wife and I have spent over $80,000 on us getting coached. Talk about overcoming fear! After being dead broke to plopping down a $50,000 check to get coaching, that really made my stomach churn! SIDE NOTE: This one in particular has totally changed our lives. We now see that every dime we put into making us better, increases our MLM success and where we can help more people. You want to make money first but once you make some money, don’t be afraid to invest in YOURSELF!

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Video: 3 Steps to Overcoming Fear

Was that video a little in your face? Take your medicine! All my wife and I do is fight for the greatness of others and I hope this video challenges you to embrace overcoming fear and really stepping it up.

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