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MLM Success:
This is MORE Important than a Daily Routine

daily routine for MLM success

For years I have said that MLM success is dictated by your daily routine. While that still may be true, this short video shares one thing even more important.

Watch this short video and learn the real secret to creating MLM success in a big way!

What does MLM Success Mean?

MLM Success does NOT just mean making more money, it means freedom. This past week friends of mine asked my wife and I if we wanted to go on a short cruise in the middle of the week, we said sure…we didn’t have to ask permission from anyone and didn’t have to go out of our way to have some cover our shifts or anything like that, we just went.

There’s a lot of people that for all intensive purposes make a lot of money but they don’t have that level of freedom. I just saw on Facebook where a friend of mine was turned down when she asked for two vacation days. That isn’t freedom. Regardless of what product you promote inside of network marketing, you are actually marketing lifestyle, residual income and freedom. But what truly creates MLM success more than a daily routine?

Here’s what NOT to look at…

There are three things that people tend to look at when it comes to creating MLM success or really any success and none of these three things matter.

1. What they know.

2. Their current results.

3. What’s typical.

For the first one, what they know, here’s the reality, instead of looking at what you know, look at your results. The results in your life share what you truly know. Now, to quickly contradict myself, even though looking at what your results are will tell you what you know, don’t stop there and instead look at the habits that have created those results. That will give you hope to actually change them (the below video goes into more detail) and then finally the problem with looking at what is typical you miss what is possible.

The lifestyle and income my wife and I have generated with this profession were simply NOT POSSIBLE with the any of the jobs we held in the past. However, if we looked at what was typical for this profession, we would have missed the fact that the “what’s possible” is so much more bigger than really any job. Now, let’s get to that secret thing that truly creates MLM success…

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Post by Ray Higdon.

Video: More Important Than Daily Routine


Was that video helpful? Do you understand why I say it’s more important than a daily routine? If you are serious about MLM success, I would highly suggest you dig deep to grasp what I am talking about and STOP just looking for a checklist but instead look and develop what I talk about in that video.

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