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MLM Success:
Be Excellent Regardless of Results

be excellent

You should be excellent in all that you do and in this blog post I will share a quick story that might help you.

Watch the short video to learn the lesson I had to go through to be excellent.

Your Life

I find a lot of people complain about their jobs and constantly strive to be excellent in their home business but the problem is, it is all about energy.

How you do one thing is how you do all things.

You aren’t going to create an amazing energy in one area of your life if you treat the other areas of your life with disrespect and you are NOT even attempting to be excellent in those areas.

So, What to do?

Be Excellent. Last night we spent time with one of my buds Mark Hoverson and he talked about how he used to work at a factory and was told he was the best employee they ever had. The funny thing is the last three jobs I held, I was told the exact same thing. The important thing to understand is neither Hoverson or I wanted to be at those jobs but we decided to be excellent BECAUSE we were there.

Choose to be excellent BECAUSE you are there. Whatever THERE means to you. Watch the below video to hear a story from my past that taught me this valuable lesson…

Video: Be Excellent Despite…

Was that helpful? If you started doing better quality work at your job, wouldn’t you feel better? And wouldn’t that carry over into the rest of your life? Don’t invest another minute doing something begrudgingly and instead decide to be excellent in every single thing that you touch.

Who do you know that could use this message to free them? Share and comment and see you on the webinar tonight!

To Your Abundance!

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