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MLM Sponsoring: People Don’t Care What You Like


In my ongoing efforts to help people with MLM sponsoring, today I want to talk about what almost all terrible marketers do with the network marketing opportunity they are fired up about that turns people off.

See Why _______ Is So Excited About _______

I, like most people, have a few marketers that email me a new opportunity every week it seems. Yesterday I got one that prompted this blog post. The email subject line was “See Why ____ is So Excited About_______”

My immediate reaction…who cares? This is a principle in MLM sponsoring. People don’t care what you like or are excited about, they care about their needs and desires. However, if you are hype marketing, you can’t get them to even think about their needs or desires as they are so turned off by your message.

MLM Sponsoring: Clown Emails

Same marketer. IF you happened to open the email you would have seen that it was full of bolded red fonts, green underlined sentences, bright blue paragraphs, the best I can describe it is if you imagine a clown REALLY wanted to be congruent with their brand and had decided to learn email marketing lol.

Push Marketing Rarely Works for MLM Sponsoring Anymore

This is known as push marketing where you are just trying to jam YOUR message down the throats of your target prospects. This type of visual attack rarely works anymore as, like all marketing overtime, people have become immune to it. Now most sharp people want an actual sponsor not just a spammer or hype marketer.

To boost your MLM sponsoring, engage and interact. People are shocked that I answer every email, return every call and reply to every text and that I rarely BLAST my email list with my network marketing company. To me, that SHOULD be the norm, not the exception. If you want to get better as a recruiter, build rapport, create connections and relationships and look to solve the problems or help your prospects achieve their goals and you will stand out in this sea of nutty marketers.

Proper MLM Sponsoring Follow Up

There is only one great question to ask a prospect after they have seen a presentation. “What did you like about what you saw?” Notice I did not say tell them all the things you like, they just don’t care what you like. End the hype and start serving your prospects what they actually want and your results will NOT be clown like. 🙂

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