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MLM Secrets: How We
Recruited 47 Reps in 35 Days

We are on a mission. To teach network marketers how to get more leads, recruit more reps and become top earners in their MLM. Here are some of our MLM secrets:

Why Teach our MLM Secrets Regarding Recruiting?

It is really simple. There is only ONE answer why we teach our exact MLM secrets to help anyone in any company. It ALL comes from having an abundance mindset. We believe that ANYONE in ANY company can create a million dollar a year or more business and that is why we don’t safeguard our MLM sponsoring secrets out of some silly LACK mentality mindset.

Do you get why that is important?

You see, if you think that there are only so many people that will ever join the network marketing profession, well, you WOULD safeguard the MLM secrets that actually work and ONLY share them with either your team or perhaps not even them as you would be worried they would out-recruit you. As we see it as a mission to serve the profession as a whole, we gladly share with you exactly what we do. By the way, one of the trainers that helped us become recruiting superstars is Todd Falcone, you can check out his little book of scripts here.

What are our MLM Secrets? Auto-signups? Killer Sales Funnels?

Actually, no. The biggest MLM secrets around recruiting is actually very simple. Here it is:

1. Generate or locate ways to get leads.

2. Get on the phone with those MLM leads.

3. Listen.

My Secret Weapon =)

Yes, I am pretty darn good at recruiting, but one of my MLM secrets is that it’s not always me doing the recruiting. Check out the video below to find out what I mean:

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To Your Abundance!

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“I Show Network Marketers How to Recruit More Reps, Get More Leads and Become a Top Earner in Their Network Marketing Company.”

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