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MLM Recruiting: Two Secrets to Close More Reps

mlm recruiting

Wanna get better results in your MLM Recruiting?

This short video shares two secrets to recruiting more reps AND holding your posture, be sure to share this with your teammates!

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You don’t Need to be PUSHY to Be a Great Closer

One thing that I explain inside the below video is the myth that you have to be pushy to be a great closer, that is simply not true. I have recruited hundreds and hundreds of people and it is ALWAYS their idea, not mine. In the video I talk more about this and how you too can hold all the power in your conversations with prospects. The truth is, if you really want to get better results in MLM recruiting, you have to understand how to use POSTURE in your conversations and I share with you two secrets that have helped me recruit a lot of people, all centered around asking questions and holding your posture, I think you will really like the strategies and they will help you!

Video: Two MLM Recruiting Strategies to Close More Reps

Was that powerful? Did you get benefit from that? Please leave a comment if you would like me to teach more about closing and MLM recruiting and feel free to share this with your teammates!

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