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MLM Recruiting and the
Truth About Your Hot Market

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This may just save a new persons MLM career. This will give you advice for your MLM recruiting when it comes to your HOT market.

Watch this short video to learn a suggestion you probably have never heard in regards to recruiting your HOT market.

Your Hot Market

Your uncle, brother, sister-in-law, you know, those you love and trust the most won’t typically join you in your MLM unless they see you in a certain way.

A LOT of people that could have had successful careers in network marketing get blown out by the hot market, those they were sure would join, because they try to be something they aren’t yet (at least to their hot market) and try to pitch them on the big money. This is usually a mistake in your MLM recruiting that the below video will help you with a more probably chance of success.

Video: MLM Recruiting Your Hot Market

Did that video give you an aha moment? Now, the standard question is what if you have already pitched your HOT market the more normal way?

You can always go back to them, apologize and reintroduce them just to the product. Try it out!

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To Your Abundance!

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