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MLM Recruiting Tips:
The Power of Qualifying


You want to get better at MLM recruiting, which, it may shock you does NOT mean simply becoming a harder closer, add qualifying into the mix and be happier too!

The Art of Qualifying Prospects

Usually when I talk about a subject like this, people immediately jump to, “Oh yeah, I’ll be qualifying prospects more when I am a top earner too!”

What they don’t realize is the simple ACT of qualifying prospects can be done anytime and actually will boost your MLM recruiting, not hurt it.

A Desperate Person Rarely Makes the Sale

The mindset of MOST network marketers when it comes to the subject of MLM recruiting is talk to as many people as possible (which I agree with), see if they are open to your opportunity (still agreeing) and then try to do whatever possible to get them to signup (I don’t agree with).

If you want to see the effects of how desperate people DON’T get what they want, try to be insecure in a relationship or try getting a loan from the bank when you REALLY need money, neither will work out. It is when you VALUE your time that you appear more valuable to others and you DON’T get there by begging, bugging or chasing.

Master Qualifying, Master Your MLM Recruiting

My wife and I send surveys to people that opt into our websites. (If you would like to take our survey, you can take it here, we do call the people that look like they are a fit to work with us). Surveys give us valuable data and helps us with qualifying prospects that we may or may not want to work with.


When someone is nasty or extreme skeptics in the survey, we don’t call them, we don’t try to convince them or chase them. Whether you are using surveys or not, you don’t need to chase people either.

If someone is nasty or negative to you when you talk to them about your network marketing company, STOP trying to be right, educate them or convince them that you AREN’T crazy and instead, walk away.

If someone is nasty with you, believe me, they ARE trying to take your power and also test your belief levels. Most networkers allow that to happen. Here’s an example conversation:

You: Hey, just curious, would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?
Prospect: Is it network marketing?
You: Yeah, why?
Prospect: Those things are pyramid schemes and people that do them are total idiots! (as they check their watch to see when their lunch break is over to go back to the job they hate)
You: Cool bro, not a fit for you, I get it, hey man, I gotta run but catch ya later!
Prospect: ? (wonders why you didn’t get mad or sad and now wonders if they are missing out on something)

DO NOT LOSE YOUR POWER, EVER. NOT being defensive or trying to convince others about the legitimacy of your business is powerful. When you retain your power instead of trying to make the prospect wrong, you are above their criticism and are marching to the beat of your passion instead of seeking approval. Do this, and your MLM recruiting will skyrocket AND you will feel better about yourself.

To Your Abundance!

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