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MLM Recruiting Tips: Blitz Day!


Wanna explode your MLM recruiting results? Check out the concept of a “Blitz day”! This short video will explain…

If you are actively wanting to grow a local team, these recruiting tips could make a huge difference.

Recruiting Tips: The Overall Sequence

I was fortunate to spend time with the number one income earner in my company this past week and he gave me the overview of how to explode your team locally. This is extremely important if you ever want to build serious momentum and attract top earners to your area.

He explained that you cannot rely on just big meetings, you have to mix in a couple other ingredients. The way that he has built his team of 200,000 people is they start in an area and they do four things:

1. One on one’s and two on ones.

2. Travel parties (home meetings)

3. Big shot meetings (where you have an out of town leader come and speak)

4. Push to trainings

My area has been growing like crazy but I wanted to step it up and we have NOT been doing many one on one and two on ones so in the below video I share the strategy of doing a “blitz day” to boost up the local MLM recruiting results to lead into all the other events.

Video: The MLM Recruiting Blitz Day!

Would you like to hear about the results of my blitz day? I will keep everyone in the loop. The worst case scenario is I enjoy some coffee and work on my laptop, hopefully we will rock it out though!

What do you think of this idea? I think it will work like crazy and I am seriously so excited to help my team crush it! If you have questions or feedback, comment below and feel free to share this around!

To Your Abundance!

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