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MLM Recruiting:
Team Building and Three Way Calls

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Want more results with your MLM recruiting efforts? This will help you get more out of your three way calls.

Watch this short video to learn the two MLM recruiting secrets around three way calls.

What’s the Deal with Three Way Calls?

The three way call is a staple of network marketing but there are some rules that, if followed, will yield you more results. Not every prospect needs a three way call and inside this short video I will share with you the two powerful rules of conducting a three way call. If you follow these MLM recruiting rules, you WILL recruit more people (and your upline will be happy to work with you!)

Video: MLM Recruiting and Three Way Calls

Was that helpful? Yesterday I gave that training to one of my teammates and he thanked me as he had never heard it explained that way. IF you are serious about getting more out of your team or building your first team, highly suggest you click here and check out the training we are doing on Thursday night (don’t worry, you get the recording if you can’t get on live).

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