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This post will share some MLM recruiting tips for you to get the sale.

MLM Recruiting and How to Close More People

Robert Singer wrote us on our Facebook page and asked, “What’s the best way to close someone?” I’ll tell you, in my opinion, the best way to close someone is to have them do the closing. The way that you do that is you simply ask them questions. A lot of times, people are wanting to get better at closing so they study scripts. They study NLP, they study all of these persuasive words to use and things of that nature.

That can be very difficult. It takes a very skilled person to be able to navigate through the “word soup” to get someone persuaded to doing something that they may or may not want to do, right? The easiest way is to just ask questions. If someone checks out your opportunity ask them, “Hey, I’m just curious. Why did you check it out? What did you see in the presentation that maybe was important to you? Why was that important?” If they tell you that they need to make more money, then ask them, “I’m just curious, why do you need to make more money?” Whatever they say to you, ask them, “Is that important to you? Is that optional? Or, is that something you really have to do? If you don’t join the opportunity, do you have another way to make money?”

Questions. Questions are absolutely key to closing more people. The cool thing is it’s easier on you. It’s so much easier to just remember a few key questions that can get people interested and bought-in to joining your opportunity, or buying your product, just ask them questions. The next time you think that you have to be a hard-closer, or you got to really hammer them to get them into your opportunity, step back and think to yourself, “What is a question that would make sense to ask them to bring them to you?”

Instead of being pushy, be pully. Pull them to you by asking them the right questions.

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