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MLM Recruiting Secrets: Third Party Tactics


Do you want to master the art of MLM recruiting? This super easy to implement but rarely taught tactic will get your more signups.

Watch this quick video to see what I mean and to set your MLM recruiting results ON FIRE!

Where to Find MLM Leads?

Are you struggling with who to practice your MLM recruiting skills on? Feel free to grab my totally free audio by entering your name and email in the upper right hand corner of this website and get my 29 sources of MLM leads.

Just one of those 29 tactics can provide you with PLENTY of people to talk to.

Why People Struggle with Network Marketing Recruiting

There are a few common reasons I see people struggle with MLM recruiting, here are just some of them:

1. They don’t follow the system. They refuse to use tools or attend events and think they are smarter than the system that has been working for the company and all the top earners.

2. They create crazy belief systems that says there is something special about their friends, area, language, etc that prevents them from signing people up.

3. They focus too much on their feelings rather than treat this like a business. For those that have never owned a business, think of it like how you treat your job. You show up everyday, you do the best you can, everyday, not just show up when you feel like it (I smell a future blog coming on!)

Video: How to Boost Your MLM Recruiting Right Now

Was that video helpful? It is SUCH a simple little tweak to make but I rarely see people do it. You do this tactic for WHOEVER is running your home party, hotel meeting, three way call, etc and you WILL see a boost in your MLM recruiting results!

Share this around if you feel more people should get better results by understanding this easy strategy. Again, for those on my team, we are doing that training tonight at 9pm eastern (Sunday, Sept. 22nd)

To Your Abundance!

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