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MLM Recruiting: Close More Sales in 2014

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What I realize is MOST network marketers have no idea how to close sales. Inside this post I will share some MLM recruiting tactics that you probably have not heard.

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Upcoming Webinar

As you can see I asked my Facebook buds if they wanted a training on specific MLM recruiting strategies and decided to do one next Tuesday. I am going to share with you some words that will boost your MLM recruiting results in this blog post but I am going to dive very deep and get intense on Tuesday, Jan. 21st at 9pm Eastern. You can register here and yes, you can invite your teammates.

One main thing I am going to teach on that webinar is the distinction of how to talk to and close people based on your past experience. Ever see someone come into your team or company and enroll like 20 people? They then teach what they said, you try it and it just doesn’t feel right? Well, I know why and even though I have never seen ANY other network marketing trainer teach the distinction, I am going to on Tuesday night on this Free Webinar.

Close More Sales with These MLM Recruiting Lines

1. If you are someone that everyone you seem to talk to tells you that they “Don’t have the money”, here’s a line that will help you out. You say this line AFTER they tell you they like what they see to prevent them from EVER saying they don’t the money, ready? “Sounds like you are ready to join, do you have the funds available now or would you need to raise the money?”

What this MLM recruiting line does: It prevents them from thinking about scarcity AND it tells them that some people join after raising money. What you want to prevent is them evaluating whether they have the amount you are asking for in some EXTRA piggy bank somewhere. MOST people don’t see opportunity, they only see their current circumstances, and that is why their current circumstances stay so constant. (feel free to quote me on that) By the way, I could teach an entire day about the money issue, we WILL dive deep on this one in the webinar.

2. Ever have someone tell you they have to “think about it”? Instead of being abrasive and saying “what is there to think about”, which, will make you feel better but won’t force them to create a new scenario in their mind, ask them this disarming and moving closer to the close question: “Let me ask you this, does the idea at least make sense to you”

This re-opens the discussion and allows you to gather more information and keeps them in the moment vs allowing them to check out.

Help Me Help You

Did those two lines help you? Were they beneficial and make you think a little bit? Feel free to share if you find them valuable.

Both of the above lines will be discussed further in detail on the webinar but help me make it the best MLM recruiting webinar for YOU by posting in the comments what else you would like me to cover.

To Your Abundance!

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