mlm recruiting scriptsToday’s show shares one of the most powerful MLM recruiting scripts I have ever used.

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Use this MLM Recruiting Script and you Won’t feel Pushy

*This video is from last weeks Free Coaching Friday on my Periscope Channel

The question is, “How do you get people to join your team, without asking them to join your team or being pushy?”

When I am in MLM recruiting mode, I prospect through whatever ways and then I run through my MLM recruiting questions or what some might call a script. What I’m listening for is either a fast disqualification, or, to move forward. A lot of times, it’s a fast disqualification. Someone says, “Oh, I watched it and I hated it.” Am I going to try to convert that person? Me? No. Now, other people might. Me? No. If someone’s like, “I hated it.” That’s the tool they would be using to recruit people too, so if they hate that tool, even if I use magical techniques to get them to overcome that objection, they’re going to struggle in my opinion. That’s just my thoughts. I’m going to say, “Cool, no problem. Hey man, catch you later. Thanks for checking it out. Sorry it’s not a fit.” If they say good things, I’m going to listen, and I’m going to ask for clarifying questions. “Okay, well what do you mean by that? Well, how valuable is that to you?”, and, “How does that play in your life?”

The below video shares my entire process of what I say in the follow up with someone who watched my company video, it has made me a LOT of money and I hope it helps you too. The cool thing is this MLM recruiting script does NOT make you pushy at all and in fact I have found most people can do it very comfortably.

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