MLM RecruitingWant to increase your results in MLM recruiting? Here’s how to prospect a waiter or waitress.

Sharing this with your team may cause massive team growth and confidence increases!

MLM Recruiting and Restaurants

There are TONS of places to prospect people and work on your MLM recruiting but I have to say that learning how to prospect waiters or waitresses may be the most important cold market prospecting method as so many of your teammates eat at restaurants every single week (some everyday). By the way, if you want 29 different places to locate people to talk to about your product or opportunity, click here and enter your info to get my free audio.

I have found that prospecting waiters or waitresses is actually very easy when you have the right approach. Today’s show will share with you exactly how we suggest doing it without being weird or feeling awkward or salesy.

Follow the exact script and suggestions in the below video and you WILL be able to pull numbers quickly and will get minimum rejection.  This is one you definitely want to share with your teammates as if you get them prospecting even a small percentage of the time they are in restaurants, your business will explode!

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Was that helpful? It really is easy if you follow exactly what I suggest in the above video. Comment below if this was helpful to you and again feel free to share this around.

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