mlm recruitingDo you want to get more results in your MLM recruiting efforts? This will help.

You will learn how to close more sales over the phone to build your network marketing business.

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I would suggest to you if you’re struggling with closing people over the phone, learn marketing. Marketing is kind of the evolution of the network marketer so that people are reaching out to you versus you always constantly reaching out to them. That would be number one, learn marketing.

If it’s a lead, find something that you can build a tiny bit of rapport with, but not too much. This is a mistake. Now, some people, they’ll just go haywire when it comes to building rapport. They think the more rapport, the better. No. It starts to get annoying.

Build a little bit of rapport and then get to the point. They know that there’s a purpose for your call. They know you didn’t just call to shoot the breeze with me.

If I’m calling La Jolla, I’m going to say, “Hey, this is Ray Higdon. You opted into one of my websites. Just giving you a call to see how I can best help you. Now, before we get started here, I noticed this seems to be a La Jolla area code. Is that correct?” “Yes.” “Oh my goodness, I love George’s. The fish tacos there are fantastic. Do you know George’s? Have you ever gone there?” “Yeah. I’ve been.” “Awesome. So so cool. La Jolla’s awesome so I already know you’re awesome. This is going to be an awesome call.”

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