We teach A LOT on the Topic of MLM Recruiting. However, the truth is we never ask anyone to join our team, weird right?

Yet, without asking, we have recruited HUNDREDS of people and the truth is we have recruited almost every week for 6 years, let me explain..

The Key to Network Marketing Success

This one cannot be denied. ALL of the network marketing tips I can ever offer you are wastes of time if you don’t get eyeballs on your company presentation.

What’s that you say? You didn’t get any eyeballs on your company presentation last week? Then you are at the rank and income you should be at.


Ouch, right? But good Lord someone has to tell you this. I talk to people all the time that want more results in their MLM recruiting but they aren’t doing a darn thing about it. They are learning, learning, learning, attending events but just not showing anyone the presentation. This will never work.

Did I mention you MUST get eyeballs on your presentation to achieve network marketing success? Good, let’s move forward then…

How do you THINK about MLM Recruiting?

I’ve found most people that struggle to get any results with MLM recruiting have a few common characteristics:

1. They are looking to “get” someone.

2. They feel people should join them because they need help.

3. They hate the idea of sales.

The problem with all three of the above is they are selfish ways to look at the world and that way of thinking will never help you actually achieve network marketing success. Here’s how I think:

1. My product can help people.

2. People should join me IF they see the value.

3. I love the idea of exchanging money for value and convenience and so should others.

“I determine to render more and better service, each day, than I am being paid to render. Those that reach the top are the ones who are not content with doing only what is required of them.”
– Og Mandino (Click to Tweet this Quote)

Exchanging more in value than you charge in dollars is the KEY concept in everything my wife and I do. It is why we have yet to have a $50,000 coaching client NOT re-hire us.

You must learn to see what you are doing as being worth more than what it costs OR you will constantly struggle with MLM recruiting.

[VIDEO] Why I Never ask People to Join my Company or Team

I bet you are really wondering what the heck I mean. I told you that we recruit people almost every week but here I am saying I don’t ask people to join my team, what gives? Well, you will learn my secret in the below video. It may change the way you ask people the closing question AND the way you think about recruiting.

Was this helpful? Feel free to share with your teammates if you got value and try it out next time you are in front of a prospect. By the way, this is a link to the course I mentioned at the end – Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint.

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