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MLM Recruiting:
More on Maintaining Your Power

I had such an amazing response to the blog post called: MLM Recruiting: How to Maintain Your Power, that I decided to give you some more value on this exact topic. I also wanted to share a way to go even deeper with me on the topic.

MLM Recruiting is Like Dating

Ladies if a guy came up to you and said PPPLLLLLEASSSEEEE go out on a date with me! It will be awesome, I know we are perfect for each other and I just know for sure that we will make a fantastic couple!! Pleeeassseeee just go out on ONE date with me!!! How would you feel? Most would be totally turned off and think “How desperate can this guy be?”

You see, most people (not just women) feel that way when someone is promoting themselves or something else in a desperate fashion. Yet, that is how the majority of untrained network marketers act. Most network marketers say pretty please with cherries on top would you watch my presentation, completing devaluing not only the opportunity but also themselves.

MLM Recruiting Training: My Three Way Call Last Night

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So last night I had a teammate text me saying he may need a three way call and I responded that was fine. The prospect had already seen a video of our opportunity and my teammate (lets call him Todd) got me on the call with his prospect. Here is how the call went…

Todd: Mr. Prospect we were fortunate to get Ray Higdon on the call tonight, he is the number one income earner in the company, has won 7 vacations and a brand new BMW and he can answer your questions.
Me: Nice to meet you, I take it you are looking at our company. Is there any questions I can help answer?
Prospect: Naw, not really, Todd asked me to look at the video and I did.
Me: Is this something you can see yourself doing?
Prospect: Well, it’s interesting but I just don’t know if I want to do it as my money is tied up right now and I just watched the video for Todd.
Me: Cool, well, it sounds like it might not be a fit for you, let me ask you this, do you know anyone that IS motivated that might actually WANT to make some extra money?
Prospect: I know lots of people that want to make extra money.
Me: Cool, well, we are constantly looking for motivated people that want to make extra money and if you could share those motivated people with Todd, that would be great. I know it’s not a fit for you but boy are there a lot of people that ARE motivated and DO want to make extra money. OK, well, it was good talking with you and take care! Todd, I know you have me lined up to talk with 3-4 more people tonight, lets talk to those people and get them started!

Now, what I didn’t explain in the above conversation is he was answering each question non-nonchalantly and in a very non-interested way. The funny thing is he would NOT let Todd get off the phone and is now going to sign up this week into his business as I helped him see how many people he knows that he could benefit from. (that’s called leapfrogging)

 Want to Become an MLM Recruiting Powerhouse?

– How powerful would it be if you could handle yourself on the phone like I do?
– How much better would you feel about yourself if prospects stopped rejecting you and making you dance and instead asked how they could work with you?
– How much better would you feel about yourself if you just no longer had to try to convince or beg people to watch a presentation or join your business?

Well, my Recruiting Mastery webinar will help you with all of those things. This is a webinar I am doing (and you can also get the recording) where I break down exactly how I respond to prospects that leaves me stress-free and the majority of them interested in me and my business. I will be sharing secrets that I have never dove into before and right now you can gain access to this webinar for only $19.95. I buy multiple books per week that cost more but this in-depth webinar will help you immediately have more posture with your prospects and if you have more posture you accomplish two things…

1) You will be mentally free, once you learn how to give up on attachment to the outcome and
2) Your MLM recruiting results will go through the roof.

This is a webinar where you might just turn your results around and we are going to have a blast. You can Reserve your seat by Clicking Here and filling out your information.

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