One of the most common objections you will hear in MLM recruiting is they don’t have the money.

Today’s show will share with you how to handle that objection effectively.

MLM Recruiting and the “No Money” Objection

If your prospects are telling you that they don’t have the money to join your opportunity, most of the times they are really lying. Most of the times, they do have the money. They just don’t see that they have the extra money and that the value is there. That’s part of the problem that you have, but let me tell you how I handle it.

If someone says that they don’t have the money to join, I simply I ask them this question, “Are you trying to get in or are you trying to get out?” Meaning if you have the money is this something that you would want to join? Or you are just kind of saying that because you really don’t want to do it.

Ask them that question. If they say, “Yeah man I would actually really like to get involved,” ask them “Okay so you are saying to me that you don’t have XX amount in your bank account or on a credit card. Is that correct?”

I say, “Okay you told me earlier that if you have the money you would want to join. It sounds like you have the money. Is this something that you are ready to join?” I’ve had people tell me yes. That’s kind of funny right? They tell me “No I don’t have the money” then I ask them two questions, they have the money and they end up joining. I’ve had that happen.

Here’s the magic question if they say they don’t have the money after you ask them that clarifying question. I got this from my man Cesar Rodriguez. How far off are we? Very powerful. How far off are we? Because what happens is you stop battling the $500 and you start battling a lesser number. They may tell you “You know what? I’ve actually got 450 bucks. It’s a little tight.” You are saying that you need $50? How can we come up with a 50 bucks? You are battling $50 now instead of the 500. Much easier process.

The below video adds in a few nuances with this approach, it may be worth watching and sharing around.

Was that helpful? Are you strangely eager to encounter the next person in your MLM recruiting that tells you they don’t have the money? Haha, hope you got value and feel free to share this if you did.

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