mlm recruitingOne of the biggest keys to more results in MLM recruiting is having the right posture.

You will learn how to improve your posture with your prospects in today’s show and finally create that network marketing success you desire.

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Posture and MLM Recruiting

I would say posture is the second most important thing when it comes to MLM recruiting. The first most important is being willing to ask. Being willing to actually ask the questions. Being willing to go and prospect. I would say that’s number one because if I really believe in what I’m doing but I never tell anyone about it, then what good does that do?

The willingness to prospect. The willingness to ask people the questions to see if they are open to your product, to your opportunity, to your service, whatever. The willingness to ask if people are open is the number one skill needed, I don’t know if that’s a skill, number one trait, I don’t know. It’s the number one thing you need for recruiting. The number two thing is posture.

What is posture? See, a lot of people they have posture all wrong. They have posture as being cocky or something. Posture has nothing to do with being cocky. It has to do with believing in what you have to offer without the requirement for outside acceptance or approval. Let me say that again. Posture is the non-requirement of external acceptance or approval. That’s the most the simple definition I can give you.

Posture is the non-requirement of external acceptance or approval. The analogy that I use all the time is electricity. Someone comes to you and says, “You know what I’ve been Googling around and it looks like electricity is not even real. It’s like a scam. We’ve been scammed this whole time.” Not for a second, not for a millimeter of a second would you say, “Are you for real? Are you serious? Oh my god, this whole time I feel like I’ve been using it.”

No, I don’t care who says that you. Your mother could say it to you, your best friend in the world could say it to you, your spouse could say it to you, no matter who said it to you, the Pope. The Pope comes down, “It turns out electricity is a scam.” No one could say it to you. You say, “Oh my god, maybe. Maybe it’s right.” You wouldn’t question yourself. That’s when I’m talking about when it comes to posture.

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