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MLM Recruiting:
How to Increase Sales at Meetings

mlm recruiting

Want to GREATLY increase your results in MLM Recruiting? This very short video will share two powerful strategies how to increase sales at ANY meeting.

This is perfect if you do home or hotel meetings, very simple to follow strategies and you WILL close more sales!

Last Nights Mastermind..

Last night I had a team mastermind at my house where we did role playing, had everyone get up and walk through some exercises and almost all the participants said it was the most powerful training they had ever been through.

One of the elements I talked about was how to get better MLM recruiting results at meetings. These could be meetings at your house, a hotel, restaurant, whatever, wherever, if you follow the two strategies that I share in the below video, you WILL get better MLM recruiting results, period.

Do You Have to do Meetings?

I have people ask me if they have to do meetings..it honestly shouldn’t be that type of question. Asking if you should means you associate pain or non-result to the conducting of meetings. IF you believe in your product, like sharing your opportunity, and care about making a bigger impact on this planet with your product and team culture, why wouldn’t you do meetings?

I love getting together with my extended family, my team. You don’t HAVE to do meetings to “recruit people” but if your biggest vision is recruiting, that is a pretty small vision.

By the way, if you DO want to master MLM Recruiting, feel free to check out my home study course.

MLM Recruiting Video: Close More Sales at ALL Meetings

Think your team could benefit from that video? I bet they could, mine sure did! Those two strategies will TOTALLY change the dynamics of your meetings and you WILL see more of you and your teammates recruit more people IF you implement those strategies.

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To Your Abundance!

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