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MLM Recruiting: How to Attract Heavy Hitters


Do you want to recruit Heavy Hitters and MLM leaders? This short video will help you with your MLM recruiting.

Watch this short video to learn the one MUST HAVE strategy to recruit leaders.

You Only Need Two Right?

It’s pretty common for network marketing leaders and companies to tell you that you only need the right two and where that is true, it can also set the wrong expectations.

1. You aren’t serious about a business if you hope to only have to recruit two people. Imagine owning a hardware store and hoping to only have to get two loyal customers that were going to share your store with their friends. That is a bad expectation right? You would most likely go out of business.

2. It, again, is true that you may only need a couple people to have an amazing, thriving business but the catch is, they are rarely your FIRST two people you recruit.

Instead of looking for a shortcut, how about we focus on getting better at MLM recruiting UNTIL. Keep producing with your MLM recruiting UNTIL you find those two, then go find two more and so on and so forth. The real question is…

“If you love your company, upline, compensation plan and the other MLM leaders in your company, why would you EVER stop recruiting?”

Too often people treat or think about network marketing as some type of magic pill, it’s just like any other business, you have to invest the majority of your time in customer acquisition except in this model, you just so happen to earn lifetime overrides from your customers and teammates.

By the way, IF you wanted the formula to turn off MLM leaders…just promote a bunch of stuff that isn’t congruent and competes with each other, that way you insure they won’t join you because they don’t want their team as confused as your email list is. =)

Attract Heavy Hitters and MLM Leaders

If I have one thing that I have done really well, it is that I have attracted quite a few heavy hitters and MLM leaders into my downline. that is NOT to say that they all stuck it out but we did attract them. Even amongst MLM leaders and players it is still rare to see people stick with one company year after year but inside the below video I share the number one strategy I have used to attract these types of people. If you want to boost your MLM recruiting to that of bringing on board QUALITY people, make sure you watch the below video.

Video: Quality MLM Recruiting

Maybe that wasn’t the MLM recruiting secret you wanted to hear, but it IS what you need to hear. IF you start to follow that advice starting today, you WILL see a change in your MLM recruiting results (and probably in other areas of your life too).

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