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MLM Recruiting: Great Question for Closing the Sale


Last night Cesar Rodriquez and I did an MLM recruiting training for the team. Check out the powerful question Cesar taught last night to help you with closing the sale.

This short video will give you a GREAT question to ask your prospects when they are hitting you with objections of questions.

Who is Cesar Rodriquez?

Cesar is one of, if not THE, best cold market recruiters I have ever met. I have witnessed him recruit waiters, waitresses, people at gas stations, and pretty much ANYWHERE you find human beings, Cesar has recruited.

Last night we did a members only training all about MLM recruiting where I taught how to close warm market even if you have been in 50 network marketing companies and Cesar taught all about cold market MLM recruiting. I learned two really cool things from his training and one of them I am sharing in the below video. If you want to get better results from your MLM recruiting efforts, watch the short video below to learn a great question to help you with closing the sale!

Sales Tips For You

1 Adhere to my 5 step invite that I taught the other day – >> MLM Recruiting Scripts

2. It IS a numbers game, if you are not inviting people each week/day, then why SHOULD you be making money?

3. Keep it simple and for goodness sake, STOP PRESENTING and start inviting.

4. Watch the below video to learn a GREAT question to ask your prospects when they start asking you questions of giving you objections.

Video: MLM Recruiting Secrets – Ask THIS Question to help with Closing the Sale

Was that a great question or what? Like I said in the video, that is a very postured question and shows you are a serious business owner, not just a mousy networker. If you’d like to learn more from Cesar you can check out his course on recruiting here.

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