This post might just totally change your results in MLM recruiting.

These are five of my favorite questions that when used, will get you more signups!

The Hardest way to Recruit

For most people I believe, the hardest way to recruit is to attempt to take a script and make it sound normal. Sales professionals can certainly do this but most people in network marketing are far from sales professionals and they don’t talk to enough people to master any type of script. Would you like to know the EASIEST way to recruit people?


My Five Fave MLM Recruiting Questions

1. Why are you currently open to a home business? This is a question you would ask a lead or someone that agrees to see a presentation. This is powerful as it gets them to agree that they ARE open and also tells you what might be causing their openness. It also shows that you are taking interest in them versus just trying to get a sale. Whatever info they give you after this question can help you get them to join.

2. What did you budget to start your home business? This is great for leads too. It will help you with a preemptive strike against the “I don’t have the money” objection and it also implies that anyone with a brain should have a budget if they are wanting to start a business. The cool thing about this question is MANY times when I ask this, they give me a figure WAY higher than the cost to join my business, that is a very, very easy sale to make.

3. My classic, Would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are doing? First of all, stop using the word “interested” and instead use open. MOST network marketers would ask, would you be INTERESTED in a ________ and the truth is MOST people are NOT interested in what you are doing but they sure don’t like to be not open. I like the term side project too as it raises very little resistance. Warning, using this on warm market that has heard you pitch 50 other things will not work, lead with the product with those people versus the opportunity.

4. Were you serious about that? This is a question you would use AFTER they tell you why they might be open. Like if they say they want to buy a boat, retire their spouse, spend more time with their kids, etc, later on in that conversation or in a later conversation ask them if they were serious about that, they will always say yes and it gets them in that yes energy and then you hit them with this question…

5. If you don’t join this, how else can you accomplish that? Whoa. This is one laser guided missile of a question. Here’s an example of how it goes:
You: Earlier on you mentioned you wanted to spend more time with your kids, were you serious about that?
Them: Of course!
You: Just curious, if you don’t join my team, how else could you accomplish that?
Them: I honestly don’t know, I truly don’t see another way
See how that works?

Learn to master questions, versus factoids about your company or product, and YOU can become a master at MLM recruiting!

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To Your Abundance!

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