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MLM Recruiting: Don’t Just Focus on Broke People


Inside this short video I share one very common mistake made in MLM recruiting. If you want to improve your game, watch the video below and then run with it.

If you are frustrated with people that tell you baloney like “it’s a scam” or ask “Is this one of those pyramids?” then this video will help.

Yes, Network Marketing Recruiting IS a Numbers Game, but…

If you ONLY talk to people that are further down the social and economic chain than you are, how will you build a thriving business?

The common mistake with MLM recruiting is to prospect down, I don’t mean people that you are better than or some weird interpretation but people that are less socially connected or financially sound. I believe the most likely reason is the network marketer prospects down to people they feel they have influence over.

Quick question for you…

If you desired building a million dollar business, in ANY industry, would you man up and talk to those that are MORE influential than you? Or would you solely rely on people that were not even to your level?

Video: MLM Recruiting Tips to Grab Those Influencers

Here’s what I have noticed, MANY of the people that really SHOULD be hungry, aren’t. Many of the people that NEED to do something about their life and living conditions, won’t. Every once in awhile someone is able to identify their habits and the people they are surrounded by and make a change but it IS easier to simply prospect up, focus your MLM recruiting efforts on those that already have some money, influence and better habits.

Hope this helps you in your MLM recruiting! If you struggle with where to find people to talk to, feel free to enter your information in the upper right hand corner of this site to get my totally free audio called 29 sources of MLM leads.

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