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Methods for Recruiting Busy People into Your MLM

Yesterday I was on a coaching call and the topic came up about how to recruit people that are already busy. Some people struggle to recruit those who are already busy when the reality is they should be about the easiest (and also the best( type of people to bring into your business.

Why you SHOULD go after Busy People

A lot of network marketers will talk to their friends that have time on their hands to “give them something to do”. These are the worst people to bring into your business as people will all the time in the world typically maintain that availability and never actually fill their time with anything productive. Just because someone “has time” doesn’t mean they will use it effectively.

Busy people, on the other hand, know the most people, get the most done, are the most dynamic, actually like working but also have pain points that you can use to get them open to exploring your MLM business opportunity. Recruit the busiest people and you have brought on the most connected and hard working teammates.

How to recruit the busy ones

Help them see that they are in a perpetual state of being busy, which, sucks. Who the heck wants to run around their whole life being busy and working endless hours with no residual income? Only someone deranged and sadistic loves to work their brains out day in and day out with no possibility of escape. Without passive or residual income, you are only trading dollars for hours which should be left to species unable to understand the power of leverage.

So, how you recruit them is by helping them see the power of actual freedom. If someone tells you they are swamped and extremely busy, say, That sucks, wouldn’t life be easier if you had money coming in each month whether you worked that month or not? Help them understand that if they work hard in a residual income opportunity, they can put in hard work for awhile and get paid the rest of their life based on that initial effort versus start every month off at zero. Corporate life is “what have you done for me lately” in most situations and people that were employee of the month or salesman of the month can find themselves jobless unless they continue to perform.

Too busy for massive passive income?

Sometimes it helps to ask the person why they work so hard. They may reply with “to support their family”. Well, wouldn’t it be cool to support your family while actually spending time with them? That is the power of a home based business. Growing up with pictures of your kids and family on your desk is much different than spending actual time with them, which, is easily possible with a large residual income. Next time someone tells you they are too busy, tell them, boy, that sucks, wouldn’t it be nice to have money coming in each month without being so stressed out while still spending time with your family that you are working so hard for? (Whew, that is a mouthful!) Basically, get the idea that busy people are some of the more stressed out but productive people in society and they need residual income perhaps more than anyone else.

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