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MLM Recruiting: 3 Unique Ways to Get More Signups


Want more results in your MLM recruiting efforts?

This short video shares three unique ways I have used to bring in more teammates that you can use today!

Like Creativity?

There are actually about a dozen creative ways that I have used to recruit people over the years, this post I share three of them, IF you would like me to share more creative ways of MLM recruiting, comment in the post below and let me know!

Want More Training?

Tuesday night I am doing a special, brand new training on how to get started if you are new and also how to help your new recruits get started the right way. This is a training I have never done before but I think you are going to get a lot of benefit out of it. You can register here for this webinar and feel free to share with your teammates.

The Biggest Key to MLM Recruiting

My wife and I have recruited quite a few people over the years, I don’t know the actual number and I don’t want people to think they have to recruit as many as we have to create success as that is simply not the case. When people ask me how many people they have to recruit I just share my MLM recruiting philosophy and that is “You recruit until”. We plan on recruiting until we hit that million dollar a month income and continue to impact and inspire people all over the world.

My Video on Three Unique Ways

Was that helpful? Are you doing all three ways or missing out on all three? Leave me a comment if you like hearing creative ways to get more results in your MLM recruiting!

To Your Abundance!

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