Effective MLM Recruiting: The Leapfrogging Method


Funny name, but a deadly effective MLM recruiting tactic: Leapfrogging. Inside this post you will learn why this should definitely be a part of your arsenal when it comes to sponsoring more reps.

What is Leapfrogging?

Leapfrogging is the process of getting your MLM prospect to visualize their exiting assets (relationships) into a flourishing network marketing business while eliminating their internal evaluations of if they can do the business. In a nutshell, it is how to get your prospects excited to join your business because this process allows them to see that they can do it based on who they know.

Why do you need this type of tactic?

Do you know the number one reason someone does NOT join your business? The number one reason that an MLM prospect does not join is because they do not believe that they can do it. This might be due to them thinking they do not have the time to do it and this process will help you get them to see that anyone can do this business.

How to Leapfrog

One of the founders of the network marketing company I promote called me and taught me this process. He has learned it from MLM legend Richard Brooks. Here is what you do:

Step 1

When you are running a meeting or meeting with someone one on one, you ask them some simple questions like

– Do you know a financial planner or a CPA?
– Do you know a realtor?
– Do you know a small business owner?

You want to ask the prospect about occupations that you have stories of success for in your opportunity. For example, be prepared with a success story about a realtor, CPA, etc in the case that they answer yes to the question. When you ask them and they respond positively, draw a circle on a piece of paper with the prospects name in the circle and then another connecting circle under their circle with the name of the CPA/realtor, etc.

MLM Prospects using LeapfroggingStep 2

Tell the prospect why that particular occupation does really well in your opportunity. Explain any success story you have with your company and that occupation. Then, ask them how long the person they are referring to has been doing what they are doing. If only a year or two, say “perfect” they are probably hungry to bring in some additional income and if they have been in that occupation a long time say “Perfect” they must know a lot of people that trust them and other people in their profession as well.

Ask questions like:

– Do you think they have at least 10 clients that trust them? If they say yes, say, well, lets just say they have two that want to work with them and trust them and then draw two more circles under the realtor/CPA, etc

– Do you think they might know a couple other people that do the same thing as them that might want to work with them and possibly bring in some clients as well? Draw more circles.

Step 3

Repeat steps 1 and 2 with a different occupation than the one you originally asked about

Closing it up

Now they have a small army of names and circles underneath their own name and they will start to understand it is NOT just about who they know, it is about who they know that they know. Ask them if you can help make the initial contacts with these people and get them started. If, at this point the prospect does NOT join, ask their permission to contact the people they mentioned…this will typically scare them about the possibility of losing out and make them even more open to joining.

Audio Training on MLM Leapfrogging

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