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MLM Prospecting:
Universal Rules for Warm and Cold Market


If you want to get better at MLM prospecting, there are certain rules I suggest you follow. Watch this short video to learn my rules whether it comes to warm or cold market.

This short video may also make you laugh as I have a guest appearance from my amazing wife!

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Back to MLM Recruiting…

Lately I have been fielding a lot of questions with my team about when to do this or that when it comes to MLM recruiting. I realized that there are some universal rules I have for warm and cold market but there are also some rules I suggest for each as well. I don’t typically teach situational prospecting for fear of over-complicating a simple process but in this video I do share my rules that if you follow, WILL get you more recruits and better results in your MLM prospecting.

Video: My Rules for MLM Prospecting

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