prospect-squareEver feel like the phone weighs 100 pounds? Here are some MLM prospecting tips to help you pick up that phone!

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MLM Prospecting with a Heavy Phone

Warning: This is a DEEP training that will most likely challenge you. However, it may also unlock why you are afraid to engage in MLM prospecting and especially pick up the phone.

We dive deep to uncover what the mental roadblocks are around fear of rejection and prospecting and this is one of my best videos for those that have hangups around MLM prospecting.

IF you are serious about getting more results and you KNOW you must put time into your prospecting but just aren’t, I truly think this video below will help you greatly. AFTER you watch the below video here are some additional resources you can use:

How to Recruit in Network Marketing

How to Use Social Media for Recruiting

Network Marketing Recruiting Tips

Video: Prospecting when you Don’t Want to

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