mlm prospectingNervous to make that first call? If you are ever going to get results in MLM prospecting you are going to have to get over your fear.

This post will share my suggestions if you struggle with picking up the phone.

Cool Note about This Training…

This video is a clip from one of my Periscope trainings and the person that asked the question happens to be in my team. He had not called anyone out of fear but has since set 7 appointments and is prospecting like crazy. Cool right? I hope it helps you too!

By the way, tonight I am going to go on Periscope and share all my notes from Eric Worre’s Network Marketing Pro event, follow me on Periscope here and you will get notified of when it is, let’s say 9pm eastern’ish.

“Learning” MLM Prospecting

There’s someone that my wife recruited and she’s awesome, great personality. She is super talented in a lot of different areas and just a great friend. When she joined our network marketing company she was TERRIFIED of making calls.

I don’t know that I’ve ever seen someone more nervous. She told us she was coachable and she said she would do anything. We suggested she, “Make a list of the 10 people you’re closest to and call them and just see if they’re open. Don’t try to close them. Don’t try to convince them. Don’t try to chase them back and bug them. Just see if they’re open and if they’re open to watching the video. That’s it.”

Well for her to do that she had to do 2 shots of vodka. She would not call people until she took 1 to 2 shots of vodka. It would loosen her up a little bit. I don’t think she was wasted or anything but it loosened her up a little bit and she would call. Guess what? In the last maybe 30, 45 days she’s recruited 5 people and people in her team have recruited people.

If you’re so terrified of looking bad then you’ll stay right where you are. Let me give you a great example. I had worked my way up corporate America to a decent salary. When I wanted to go and start my own business, people told me I was nuts. People said, “You’re nuts, that’ll never work.” I even had a professor that I looked up to I told him and he said, “You’ll be back.” I’m like, “Thanks. That’s real cool.”

Most people would never have made that leap because they would be terrified. “What if they’re right? What if I had to come crawling back 6 months from now?” Well what if I build freaking wings and fly? What if I build the life of my dreams? What if I changed the circumstances for my grandchildren? What if create a legacy? What if build a dynasty that changes the world? What if I empower entrepreneurs on every continent on the planet? See those are the questions we should be asking not, “What will little Sally think of me and my little home business? What will Josie think? What would Joe think? What if they laugh at me?”

Whereas you could be asking yourself different questions. You could be asking yourself, “What if I changed the world? What if I go out there and impact the nation? What if I go out there and change a single mom out there? What if go out there and I inspire a disabled veteran? What if I go out there and impact someone who is suicidal?” Actually, I’ve had people tell me that. I’ve had people … these aren’t conversations we bring up but I’ve had people tell me that they were suicidal, came to an event of mine and it changed their life. What if that was you? What if?

If you have blood pumping through your veins right now there’s still a chance, there’s still a shot, you still have a chance of making an impact on this planet. You still have a shot at having a life that is touching, that is moving, that inspires others, that you look back on and you think, “You know what? I did it man. You know what? I did my best. It wasn’t perfect because it will never will be but I did my freaking best.” That’s what we have the opportunity to do until we don’t, until we die. We can keep playing small in our tiny little comfortable box and be wary of comfort because comfort comes in many disguises.

Comfort can be miserable but it’s comfortable. We know it. We know what it entails. We know all the ins and outs of it so it’s comfortable even if it’s miserable. Just know if you have blood pumping through your veins right now you have the capacity, you have the power to go out there and make a difference. You have the power to change the world. You have the power to change somebody’s world somewhere. You have that power so it’s up to you and you can, but only if you’re able to get the past the teeny weeny itty bitty method of worrying what other people think. You know what? They’re going to think it anyway and it doesn’t matter. It does not matter.

What’s the worst that could happen? Joe down at the bar laughs at you. One of your coworker says, “You’ll never make it.” I had that happen all the time. I had people laugh at me tell me I was stupid. I had people tell me it’ll never work. I had people tell me you’ll be back. I had people tell me that my whole life. Boy, what if I listen to them? Well I guess you wouldn’t be on this periscope would you? See you have the power to change the world. It’s up to you.

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