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MLM Prospecting:
How to be Attracting

Proof of my Sales Skills =)

Proof of my Sales Skills =)

Let’s be honest…most network marketers do a better job of REPELLING people, this post will improve your MLM prospecting game so you start ATTRACTING those you want to join your team.

Common Errors in MLM Prospecting

Let’s break down some of the common errors in MLM prospecting:

1. Most Networkers have a lack mentality meaning they DON’T believe that there are plenty of people out there so they put unneeded pressure on every single person they ever talk to.

2. Most networkers look for something outside of themselves to create their success such as a “system” or some magic marketing tactic.

3. Most networkers do not treat their network marketing business like a business. If restaurant owners got distraught every time someone walked in, looked at the menu and decided to go elsewhere, they would all shut down.

What do I mean by Attracting?

Attracting in a way but not directly can mean attractive. We all know people that may not possess the physical qualities to be considered to be attractive BUT they can certainly have a personality that is attracting, meaning, one you want to be around more.

If you break down the opposite of attracting it would be repelling. Rest assured that MOST people are NOT turned off by network market-ING (they don’t know enough to be turned off) but they certainly have the capacity to at one point and time have been turned off by network market-ERS.

Video: How to be Attracting

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