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MLM Prospecting:
How NOT to Look Like an Idiot
to Your Friends

Today I am here with my friends Dave Strayer, Terrie Foley and Kevin Sandridge at my coaching day and I did this quick video on how to talk to your warm market without looking like an idiot, enjoy!

MLM Prospecting Question…Should you even bother talking to your warm market?

The answer is without a doubt, yes! The ONLY reason people struggle with this is they feel too much like sales people to do it and don’t know how to properly position it or they just think they can “close” their friends and family. MLM prospecting truly does NOT have to be that hard.

By the way, You should never try to “CLOSE” your warm market

In this video you will learn the following:

– How to open up the conversation with anyone in your warm market without turning them off

– How one question, if properly asked, will totally change your results with people you know

– How to ALLOW your friends to “Sell themselves” (less work for you!)

– And how to use other people’s credibility yourself

– Why most are terrible at MLM prospecting and how you can be better

Video: Proper MLM Prospecting of your Warm Market


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