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MLM Prospecting:
Getting Prospects to Make a Decision


A good friend of mine said “Yes’s and No’s are fine but maybe’s starve babies”. This quick blog post will help you learn how to get people to make a decision in your MLM prospecting adventures.

My Best Tip for MLM Prospecting

My number one tip for you, the person spending time MLM prospecting is this: Never be addicted to the outcome. Never. Let me expand on the importance of this…

1. If you get involved with a network marketing company and you think of someone you know that would be perfect for it, don’t be addicted to the outcome of them saying yes to you.

2. If you get someone to make a decision and join your network marketing business, don’t be addicted that they will actually do something. Help them, coach them, encourage them to participate in MLM prospecting but simply don’t be addicted to them actually doing anything.

The reason this is so important is the less time spend being frustrated in this industry, the higher chance you will have success. Frustration means seeing the gap between what you THINK (or a version of reality you allow yourself to be addicted to) should happen versus what actually happens. When you have no addition to the outcome of things, you are free and non-frustrated.

Be a Coach in Your MLM Prospecting

This weekend I spoke at an awesome event called Live the Dream. I spoke on “Presenting for Profits”, how to make more sales on stage and on webinars and people really loved the value and I know we will create some transformational stories from this event.

Two guys that talked a bit about MLM prospecting were Bill Pescosolido and Mark Hoverson. Both of them stressed the importance of BEING the authority figure and a caring coach when you are talking to prospects. This is quite different than most people conduct their prospecting, seeking approval and permission. Here are some tips I learned that will help you get more people to make a decision.

1. It’s not yes or no, it’s this or that. Instead of asking them if they are open to watching your company video, ask them how soon they can watch the video and if they prefer to watch at 5pm or 7pm.

2. Be a coach. If they are saying that they are ready to join but aren’t going to do it for a week or two, ASK THEIR PERMISSION to coach them. Then, ask again. Something like this, “Do I have your permission to coach you?” If they say yes, “OK, I need to know if I am ok going deep with you?” And then if they say yes, you say “Let me ask you this question, have you ever struggled with procrastination?” They will probably say yes, as most people have. “What is the difference between today and two weeks from now?” If I am going to be your coach, I am going to coach you on making the right decisions to change your life and it is only those decisions that are going to have show up the things you stressed that you wanted so badly (repeat back to them the life benefits they talked about in your initial conversations leading up to this). When a prospect is NOT joining the money they are going to spend is consuming every ounce in their brain, you have to make that reduce and be filled with the visions of what they actually want their life to look like. Use the car example, ask them how their car was, the average is around $24,000 in America. When they tell you that price, ask them if they were happy when they got it and shared it with their friends and family members and how good they felt yet here was a buying decision that is unable to make you money, unable to change your life and depreciates in value every single day.

This part came from Hoverson and was seriously powerful. Look for a more detailed review later in the week with some fun videos.

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