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MLM Prospecting: Getting Cold Market Numbers


Working on your MLM prospecting but struggle with getting phone numbers from your cold market?

This video will help as I share EXACTLY what to say to get contact information from cold market prospects.

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Should you bother with Cold Market Recruiting?

Some companies or trainers only teach warm market recruiting, the problem with that is three-fold:

1. It assumes you have a great warm market, not everyone does.

2. Even if you do have a great warm market, you will eventually recruit someone who doesn’t and you will want to teach them how to do it.

3. When learned properly, cold market recruiting can be done while you are out, and if you are in network marketing to impact others, why would you keep a great opportunity from people who may be looking?

It can most certainly be uncomfortable when talking to strangers but I believe the below video will help you and your teammates out greatly!

Video on MLM Prospecting and Getting Contact Information

Was that helpful? Feel free to share with your teammates, what if they all started being bolder in their MLM prospecting? That would make you pretty happy right? Get out there, get bold, follow my training and rock it out! Leave me a comment if you got value from this.

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