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MLM Prospecting Family Members at Thanksgiving?


Here’s the question, should you be MLM prospecting family members on Thanksgiving? IF you do, follow my advice in this video.

Watch this short video to learn a two step process that can greatly increase your results in MLM prospecting, especially with family members.

What NOT to do…

You should NOT be pitching your network marketing business (AKA, the greatest opportunity on the planet) at the dinner table with family members. It could very well get you poison in your green bean casserole.

There IS a way that you can get results with prospecting family members but it IS a two step process that I share in the below video. IF you want to save yourself public embarrassment and hassle, follow the advice in the below video.

Should You Even Prospect Family Members, period?

The lazy answer to this is no, you shouldn’t. The better answer is yes, you should so long as a) you aren’t addicted to the outcome and b) you set proper expectations. IF you are a hype master and make crazy promises you should most certainly avoid any MLM prospecting of family members (or anyone to be honest). Bottom line is, don’t hype, it never works out long term.

Video: MLM Prospecting Rules at Thanksgiving

Think you can follow those two steps? Does that feel better than what you may have planned to do? Feel free to share this and comment below if you got value from this and if I don’t talk to you, Happy Thanksgiving!

To Your Abundance!

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