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MLM Prospecting: The Easiest People to Recruit

mlm prospecting

Today I am sharing with you the EASIEST types of people to recruit, at least, in my experience.

IF you want to get more results in your MLM prospecting, watch this short video.


Yesterday we did a meeting in Doncaster, England for our network marketing company and then did about an hour training on MLM prospecting using social media. That picture is some of our team in Doncaster, great times!

Where To Find People to Prospect

If you are struggling with where to locate people to prospect, feel free to download my totally free audio called 29 sources of leads at the upper right hand corner of this website. There is ONE source that I do NOT cover in that audio that is in the below video.

Bonus Training on Monday Night

On Monday night we are doing a free webinar training on how to get prospects chasing you, this does NOT mean to throw away what you have learned about traditional prospecting but it is most certainly worth learning how to get prospects reaching out to you. I talk a little about this in the below video but if you want to attend our Free training on Monday, register here and feel free to share with your teammates.

Video – Our Easiest Results for MLM Prospecting

Hope you got benefit from the short video, if you did, feel free to comment and share and hope you also enjoyed the wonderful scenery of Doncaster!

To Your Abundance!

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