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MLM Prospecting and Mind Control – 4 Step Exercise


Do you want more results in your MLM prospecting? Perhaps learning a bit of Mind control will do the trick! Watch this video and do the 4 part exercise.

This simple little exercise, if practiced, will boost your results in your MLM prospecting.

Wait Ray, are you teaching manipulative mind control techniques?

Before you skip to conclusions, the answer is YES. I AM teaching manipulative mind control techniques but it is on your OWN mind. I find that MOST people in network marketing are looking for tricks and tactics that have to do with controlling the things outside of them but I believe that if you can do self mind control, you will win the game. The simple exercise in the video below will help you create a breakthrough in your MLM prospecting and perhaps even other areas of your life.

The Most Important Aspect of MLM Prospecting

I believe the most important aspect of your MLM prospecting is your numbers. How many people you actually talk to is the biggest factor between those that recruit a lot of people and those that do not. I believe the second most important part of MLM prospecting is your ability to stay postured and relaxed when you are talking to others about your business. The below 4 part exercise will help you with both.

Video: 4 Part Exercise to Learn Mind Control

I have only one question, DID YOU DO THE EXERCISE? If you did, I bet you feel different than you did when you first started watching, am I right? Now, IF you want to make a long term change instead of just the short term feeling you have right now, practice the above exercise and share this around so we can get a lot of people doing this little exercise. I am eager to hear your feedback and if you want me to teach more of this advanced mind control stuff, leave me a comment below!

To Your Abundance!

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