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MLM Performance Schedule – 14 Day Challenge

Yesterday, in my primary company’s leadership call, the founders announced a 14 day challenge revolving around an MLM performance schedule leading up to our annual convention the first weekend of August. This MLM performance schedule was adopted from some of the works of George Zalucki, a legend in our industry. If you want to get your game on, read this post to see what a real schedule should be!

MLM Performance Schedule Details

This performance is not designed to make you or your upline famous, get you traffic, social media backlinks or bookmarks or even build your rankings on Google. This point driven system is designed to do one thing and one thing alone, actually build your business! Those other things are fantastic and should be done in conjunction with the tasks outlined in this schedule if you choose to. More often than not network marketing reps choose to do the comfy things than the things that actually make them money.

I will lay out the point system and also encourage you to follow me on my 14 day challenge! The 14 day challenge means you are going to follow this schedule for the next 14 days earning at least 10 points per day, every single day. I have adapted the schedule to fit any MLM company unless otherwise noted.

Daily 10 Point Must System – Activity points

Enroll a new executive – 5 pts
Enroll a new exec + accelerator set – 10 pts (accelerator is company specific, it might be “the bigger package” in your company)
Sell accelerator set – 5 pts
Make a new recruiting appointment – 4 pts
Present the business opportunity – 3 pts
Conduct a meeting in your home – 7 pts
Attend a meeting – 3 pts
Bring a guest to a meeting (each guest) – 3pts
Conduct a meeting in someone else’s home – 4pts
Conduct a meeting for your team (office, restaurant, hotel, webinar) – 6 pts
Sponsor a Super Saturday in your area – 10 pts
Attend Annual convention – 10 pts

MLM Performance and the Challenge

These activities are not meant to be comfortable or make you feel good, they are designed because they are money makers. It is easier and more comfy to sip latte’s while wearing a pink snuggie and blog and write articles till you are blue in the face but that activity is NOT a guarantee you will generate an income. Notice that there is flexibility in this MLM performance schedule. If you are NOT a presenter, you get points for bringing guests to meetings. What if there are no meetings in you area? Well, you could check out the company calendar and invite people in the areas that there are meetings.

NOTE: I am a huge fan of attraction marketing and using the Internet to connect with others and get leads. However, too many people are forgetting that this industry is a people, not a technical, business. Do what you are doing online and combine it with some of the activities in the MLM performance schedule and you will see results in your business.

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