MLM Motivation Tips

How do you motivate a team in the right direction?

Here I share 2 powerful things that can help you get more high performers and grow your team fast.

MLM Motivation Tips For Transforming Unproductive Teammates Into High Performers

1. Inspire

Number one, I am a much bigger fan of how do we inspire our team, than how do we motivate our team.

To me, I’m not like anti-motivation but think of the energy, inspire.

How do we inspire? We inspire people through what? Our actions.

So many Rank Makers see me go live every day. Whether I’m traveling from North Dakota, whether I’m in Canada, Mexico, wherever, I do live every day.  Because they see me do a video every day, it inspires them to take more action.

Inspire is: I’m doing something that others are viewing or hearing of that gets them to possibly take action or at least want to take action.

Motivate is: “Hey, you guys get to work. You guys go do it.”

And now, that may not be the right definition. We may look up, pull up the old Encyclopedia Britannica and look up motivation and it doesn’t exactly fit what I’m saying. But to me, that’s the energy.

The energy of motivation is, “Hey, you guys go get to work. Come on, step it up.”

How To Inspire Your Team

How do you inspire your team?

Real easy. Do the stuff you wish they were doing. Bring in new blood into the organization.

The best thing you can do for your team is build a new one.

[mashtweet tweet=”The best thing you can do for your team is build a new one.” quote=”The best thing you can do for your team is build a new one.”]

Now, most people don’t want to hear that.

Most people are like, “Oh, geez, Ray. Ray, I prospected and I recruited 20 people. You’re saying I got to recruit more people.”

This is the only profession that has that. This is the only profession that I’m aware of where they’re like, “How many do I got to do?”

Does the heart surgeon say, “How many people I got to save?”

Does the pediatric nurse say, “How many babies we got to deliver.” God, such a taxing career.

But if you look at your product, your service, your opportunity as a positive impact on society, as a positive impact on individuals, on helping to cease human suffering, on solving the problems of others, why would you ever ask, “When can I please stop having to recruit?”

Best thing you can do for your team is build a new one. Show them what you wish that they were doing. Go do the work. And you know what, and this is the first part, step one.

2. Understand The Different Levels Of Desire

Step two, understand that there are different levels of desire.

80% of people are totally cool with being at $0 – $500 a month in your network marketing business.

Now, some of you are like, “What? Who the hell would be happy at zero dollars a month. No way, Ray, you’re full of baloney.”

I’m telling you right now, I don’t care what the size of your organization. There are people in your organization that are happy to be there. They’re happy to be part of the community. They’re happy to be part of the mission. They’re happy to be part of something that’s bigger than them. They’re happy to be there. They’re happy to high-five you at events. They’re not there to make the big money which is what all the 5% think.

5% want to make $25,000 or more a month and they think, “How do I fix these morons to want to make more money. These darn morons, they’re just not getting it. They need to make more money but they’re not showing up.”

Some network marketing leaders are like, “You’re not making money. What’s wrong with you?” But those network marketers could be buying volume every single month. They could be purchasing products every single month. They could be attending events.

They could trip and their product land in someone’s lap and that person goes on to be a million dollar earner. But they will never do that, they will never stay if you’re trying to make them a 5%-ter.

See, you all think that everyone has to have million dollar desires. They don’t, and they don’t in anywhere in life.

Not Everyone Is Hungry

When I was raising my way up the corporate ladder, there were people that were in the same position not making a lot of money for 20 years. But you know what, they weren’t chastised.

“You know, Judy, you’ve been a secretary for 20 years now. Shouldn’t you at least be in middle management here? Shouldn’t you at least be applying for the board or something.”

No. It’s like, “Hey, Jude, done a great job. Great job, Jude. How you’re here 20 more years. Way to go.”

Because people that aren’t network marketing leaders have intelligence and they realize that the hungry rise to the top. Not everyone is hungry and it’s okay. It’s okay.

Nine years ago I was dead broke, person foreclosure, being chased by bill collectors, my girlfriend was paying my utility bills. But I was a 5%-ter because I was hungry. I was over a million dollars in debt but I was a 5%-ter because I wanted to do the work to get to over $25,000 a month. Got to understand that.

So do the work to inspire them and understand, not everyone has that level of desire and that’s okay. It’s okay in every other aspect of life, it’s okay in every other job. Why isn’t it okay here in network marketing?

The truth is, it is okay.

Take The Challenge

By the way if you have unproductive teammates, we would highly suggest getting them in Rank Makers.

I’ve challenged leaders and suggested that they only put their non-producers into Rank Makers and we’ve converted many of them into producers.

Take the Challenge.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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